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All-Natural Longhorn

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Texas Longhorn Beef. Leaner.


Meatier. Healthier. Remarkably lower in calories and cholesterol than commercial beef with the same great beef taste you crave. Our ground beef includes all cuts of meat that you would normally get in ribs, roast, brisket, sirloin, prime rib, rib-eyes and much more. This gives you a premium quality ground beef with the flavor of steak.
Thanks to lean Longhorn meat, today’s health-conscious consumer doesn’t have to give up red meat.


Ground Beef           $7.00 /lb.
3 -1/3 lb  Patties     $7.25 /lb
Side of Beef           Ask for Pricing

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Cell: 405-742-4351

Supplying Longhorn Beef Since 2002



• No Growth Stimulants

• No Hormones

• No Steroids

• No Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients

• Grass Fed