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Longhorn Cattle

2015 Calves - These are calves that range in age from 0 months to 7 months. 

2015 Heifers - These are heifers that are weaned, vaccinated and ready to go.

2014 Yearlings - These heifers are all exposed for their first calf.

Cows - Our cows range in age from 2 to 20 years. These cows make the foundation of our herd and may have calves at side and/or be exposed to the leading bulls in the industry. 

2015 Bulls - We offer only a few select bulls for sale each year for pure-bred herd sires.

2015 Steers - Vaccinated and ready for roping and/or feeding out for your meat market.

Bulls - We offer only a few select bulls for sale each year to insure that you will receive a sire that you are proud to own. We have bulls of all ages and prices ranges to meet your needs. If you are looking for a potential trophy steer, any of our bulls can be steered. 

Products and Services

Cattle Inventory and Ranch Video - This video or DVD takes you through some longhorn history and includes a complete pasture tour of our cattle. 

Semen - We offer semen from the top longhorn bulls around. We have semen from leading historical longhorn bulls such as Conquistador, Cowcatcher, and Texas Ranger JP to some of the contemporary greats such as Superman and Rebel Red. In addition, we offer a complete line of Liquid Nitrogen Tanks to store your semen.

Skulls - We have a wide selection of longhorn skulls for sale. 

Barrett Trailers - We offer the best stock and horse trailers available from Barrett Trailers.

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