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Our Dedication

At McGuire Land & Cattle, we are dedicated to bringing you the best possible registered Texas Longhorn cattle with proven and time-tested genetics, wonderfully gentle dispositions, loads of color, horns of all types, and show winning conformations. We have longhorns to meet everyone's needs.

Texas Longhorn cattle are known for their distinct horns, which can extend out up to 7 ft! These remarkable cows are also known for their diverse coloring. Longhorn investing requires very little involvement on your part. In fact, this particular breed of cattle offers numerous benefits; they have a natural immunity, which has been developed over centuries. This means fewer veterinarian bills and less maintenance for the investor. The breed also naturally produces less fat, which is great for today's health conscious public.

We offer superior quality Texas Longhorn cattle for sale. Browse through our web site and contact us to start or add to your herd today! With over 30 years experience, we are here to serve you. 



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 Making ends meet is easier with longhorns