General Longhorn Prices

This table is a guideline to our general prices are subject to change. It is hard to put a “general” price on a Texas Longhorn. It is like buying a car. You have a range of makes, models, and options to pick from and can go anywhere from a 1970 Pinto to a brand new Mercedes. But since it is the first question that almost everyone asks, we gave it a try and came up with the following chart.

Bred Cows  Starting @ $1400               
Bred Pair Starting @ $1800
Weaning Heifers  Starting @ $750
Weaning Steers/Ropers                      Starting @ $275
Bred Heifers  Starting @ $1200
Weaning Bulls  Starting @ $450
Yearling Bulls  Starting @ $700
Semen  Starting @ $5
Long Yearling/Older Bulls Starting @ $1200

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