Do you want to get involved in Texas Longhorns but live in the city? Don’t have acres of pasture land or the time it takes to raise Longhorns? Don't despair ... we offer a cattle investment project that is just right for you. We offer many services to help your longhorn investment pay for itself. Services like, if you purchased your cattle from McGuire Land & Cattle LLC, you can board the longhorn with us either year-round or temporarily. If this sounds like the way you want to raise Longhorns, contact us today to learn about the many opportunities available. We'll help you raise Longhorns your way!




The following is information relating to cattle investments, which are managed by and remain with Semkin Longhorns:

Transportation to shows, displays or sales can be arranged for Investor’s cattle by commercial trucks or by trailer, as available, at the normal going rate and fees. Quotes available. All trucking costs are prorated over the number of cattle on the truck.

A systematic part of our program is advertising. Information is continually released so public awareness of the cattle continues to increase. Paid advertising, participation in major cattle shows, an annual Texas Longhorn Calendar, some displays at stock shows are all part of the PR program. We have an emailing list of many past and future buyers and send out e-blasts to this list to promote “specials” or new info that is part of our marketing. This is all at no cost to the investor unless you wish to do a personal ad on your specific cattle.

Medial care on a regular basis such as gathering a sick animal, hauling for vet needs, etc. is included with regular management of cattle. Needs will be taken care of and billed to the owners at cost. Bi-annual worming and vaccinations will be charged to the investor at our cost (approximately $30 bi-annually). All females are brucellosis vaccination by a vet for a one time only cost of $15.

As Cattle need to be marketed, McGuire will handle Investor’s cattle just as their stock is handled. Private treaty sales can be arranged per specification of owners. If sales are to our customers, a ten percent (10%) sales commission fee is standard, plus cost for a health certificate for shipping. All investors are encouraged to cultivate interest in the breed and by doing so producing other investors. New breeders are needed for this business to grow and be profitable. McGuire will pay a commission to any new client that an investor refers to them if the referral results in a sale. We strongly encourage this effort by the investor in for us to help you be successful in this business.

McGuire look to the owners of cattle to make all decisions regarding purchases, sales, changes of breeding selection, show selection, sire selection, etc. In the event owners cannot be contacted, and under emergency situations, McGuire will act in what is felt to be the best interest of the owners, in decisions regarding their cattle, health management, etc.

Cattle purchased from McGuire may be boarded on either a temporary or year-round basis at these applicable fees:

April through October:
Females                                         $1.75/day
Females with calves at side          $2.00/day
Bulls weaned up to 18 months:    $1.75/day
Bulls over 18 to 24 months           $4.00/day
Bulls over 24 months                    $5.00/day

November through March: (Heavy feeding months)
Weaning heifers to 18 months     $1.75/day
Over 18 months                           $2.25/day

Steers Year Round                       $1.50/day

The fees for bulls, cows, and heifers fluctuate during the heavy feeding months in Winter and the light feeding months in the Spring and Summer. Conditions such as drought or late winter can impact these price changes.  The condition of the cattle is extremely important for breeding and marketing and cattle boarded here always are kept in good condition.  Please inquire for current per day rates.

Steers Year Round $; you have the option to keep your steers or sell them back to us for our meat program.

Cows boarded at McGuire's may be bred to herd sires, no charge, These bulls are well known in the industry, advertised and promoted and are considered in the top 1% of the breed. This will insure top dollar for your calves at no added cost to you.

Investors boarding cattle may terminate boarding whenever they desire. With two weeks written notice, the cattle will be gathered for shipment and McGuire personnel will arrange health papers.

Although projections, previous Investors, and positive market trends indicate potentially good or excellent returns on cattle investments, McGuire does not guarantee, imply or warrant in any way any specific or guaranteed return on investments. All livestock have normal death loss and risks similar to any other business, This has been a profitable and enjoyable business for us since 1975 and we believe it will continue to be so. Since we have no control of the economy, the market, or the industry, as in any investment, the investor is given no guarantees other than the best cattle care available.